Ten irresistible reasons why you should enter the 10th anniversary Balfron10k this year


  1. You’ll love the smell of fresh manure in the morning. Who needs performance enhancing drugs?
  2. Lovingly hand-crafted ceramic medals for all finishers – made by a local potter and each one unique to you. No guts, no glory folks!
  3. You can do all of your altitude training for the year in one fell swoop! Go ‘Farah’ with the Balfron 10k – it’s Scotland’s Kenya.
  4. Look the business in new go-faster, ‘tech’ t-shirts this year instead of our usual old-school cotton tees/emergency pyjamas. Free to all survivors, sorry finishers.
  5. See where Monty Python’s Meaning of Life movie was filmed. The Python team used our beloved Campsies as a stand-in for Natal, South Africa for their send-up of the Zulu Wars.Apparently one day the extras refused to wear their skimpy outfits complaining it was too cold. We know the feeling.
  6. You want celebrities? Look out for Robbie Coltrane in our Co-op when you’re buying your pre-race banana. Robbie, who lives nearby, regularly visits our Proud Sponsor.
  7. Talking of PBs. If this is your first 10k, then naturally you’re guaranteed a PB. However you’re also guaranteed a PB on your next one. Think about it …
  8. No 5p charge on sick bags at the finish line.
  9. Fascinating roadkill along the route. See if you can spot flat buzzards, rabbits or pheasants. If not sure, ask a friendly farmer what it is you’ve just trod on and take home a souvenir. Recipe cards available.
  10. And finally, as the legendary English mountaineer George Mallory once said about why he wanted to tackle Everest (another hilly route) … “because it’s there.”