The race took place on the 26th April 2015 starting and finishing at Balfron High School.

2015 Prizewinners

Due to a problem with the timings the results are based on the ‘gun to finish’ times and so for runners further down the field the times might be a few seconds out. Thank you for all the positive messages we received over this issue. This problem has been resolved and will not happen in 2016.


1st Male CRAIG HARVEY 00:34:42 Squadra Porcini
2nd Male GARRY MATHEW 00:35:06
3rd Male COLIN LOGAN 00:35:36 Central AC
1st Female EDEL MOONEY 00:39:03 Lothian Running Club
2nd Female RUTH WILLIAMSON 00:39:53 Corstorphine AAC
3rd Female DIANA PEARSON 00:41:52 Dumbarton AAC
1st Junior Male LEWIS STRACHAN 00:38:26 Central AC
1st Junior Female MOLLY GIBSON 00:54:06
1st V35 Male CRAIG HARVEY 00:34:42 Squadra Porcini
1st V35 Female EDEL MOONEY 00:39:03 Lothian Running Club
1st V50 Male DAVID ECKERSLEY 00:37:28 Central AC
1st V50 Female JOANNA CROTCH 00:44:08
1st V65 Male PETER MILLS 00:48:13
1st V65 Female PATRICIA ALLEN 00:57:13 Motherwell AC
Ricky Govan Memorial Trophy 1st Local Male DAVID ECKERSLEY 00:37:28 Central AC
Ricky Govan Memorial Trophy 1st Local Female EDEL MOONEY 00:39:03 Lothian Running Club

2015 Race Results

Most of you will know by now the reasons for the delay with the results, and we can only apologise once again for this.  I am pleased to say after many hours spent poring over thousands of photographs and multiple spreadsheets, we have finally managed to produce a set of results.  These are based on the initial information provided by Winning Time, but verified and corrected by other data where possible, and with as many blanks filled in as we can.

The majority of the times published will be based on gun time – the time between the gun going off and you crossing the finish line.  Unless you were at the very front of the race, then this will be longer than your actual time to run the course (since it will include the time between the race start and you crossing the start line).

It took approximately 1 minute 30 seconds for all runners to cross the line, so you can estimate your chip time by estimating your time to cross the line (depending where you were in the pack) and subtracting that from your published gun time.

Unfortunately we have discovered that some of Winning Time’s data seems to be based on chip time, mixed in with some based on gun time, with no way to identify one from the other.  So in some instances times and exact finishing places may not quite match.  Because of this and the inaccuracies and omissions from the records provided, we realise that these results will not be perfect, but we feel they represent the best we can achieve with the information available to us.

Once again we apologise for the time it has taken to produce these results and any inaccuracies and omissions.  If you believe your time or position to be wrong, and have any specific information such as your own time record or a finish line photo, then please let us know and we’ll do our best to update the results.  Please send to

We can confirm we will be seeking a new contractor to supply timing services for next year’s race, and will be looking at additional measures we can take to ensure this situation is never repeated.  We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience and the understanding you have shown.

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2015 Race Pictures

Some pictures of the race are available here >>