These are some of the comments we have received as a result of the 2007 Co-op Balfron 10K:
19 May 2007Running the hills of the Balfron 10k set me up nicely for a 10k PB in the Edinburgh Great Run. Cheers!

Darren Hutchison
Stirling Triathlon Club

29 April 2007Very big well done to all who organised this event, and to those who took part in the marshalling- ran like clockwork .Very professional yet friendly atmosphere and an enjoyable day. The course was an absolute *!*^#** shall we say challenge ? The only slight alteration i would consider, would be to straighten out the approach to the finish. But WELL DONE !!William Lavery
28 April 2007The event was very well organised,special thanks to steven for sending me out an entry form at the very last miniute.david anderson
glasgow nightingale
28 April 2007Tremendous frist running of this race. Good organisation (a few teething problems that will be quickly ironed out), fantastic location, good facilities. A valuable addition to the race calendar.

28 April 2007On behalf of the whole team at Balfron Campus i would like to pass on my sincere appreciation for all the hard work put in by the event organisers. The race brought new faces to Balfron and raised the profile of the village and the Campus itself.We managed to hold a very successful running club on the lead up to the 10k and once again this was down to the help of one the event organisers, David Eckersly. I really hope this club can continue and help next years competitors set new PB’s!!

On a personal note the Balfron 10k was one of the best races i have ran, due to a mixture of the organisation, the challenging course and the real community spirit that was shown by all spectators.

Well done to all those involved!!

Craig Oliphant
c/o Balfron

27 April 2007Although the Balfron 10K running track was tuff!! i enjoyed myself! It was my first 10K it was great to see so many people young and old joining in. If it wasnt for the support at the side i dint know what i would have done. As a member of the Balfron Campus staff, it was a pleasure to support the race and hope its the same next year! Thank You.Laura McNab
26 April 2007A great event although I’m very glad I ran the hills in advance!  Many thanks to the organisers both of the race and the Wednesday night training sessions – be great to find a way to keep those going.

Colin Cameron

26 April 2007Balfron has never seen the like of Sunday morning 22nd April 2007 before! As enthusiastic sponsor and even more enthusiastic runner,the whole Balfron 10K was as bubbly and sharp as the fizz supped by those who celebrated afterwards.The weather was perfect, a little drizzle to sizzle on hot skin, the crowds colourful in the aroma of Deep Heat and IPods working overtime in the beat of each stride up and down, down and up, onwards and yet more upwards! The sceptism of the out and back route proved unfounded as high fives and spirits resounded from faces grinning from ear to ear. Many familiar and not so familiar faces all sharing in the 600+ strong force of determined minds and bodies to get to the finish – and they did! The support from the start to finish while sporadic en route , was simply wonderful! Thank you. The look on the faces of the bemused cows en route even raised some flagging spirits!For those who’ve never been involved in any organisation of this sort, you cannot begin to imagine how in doing so, it simply takes over your life for a period of time. Those involved would have lived, breathed,sweated and cried to get to the perfection of Sunday’s event. I’m proud to know you – you are all complete stars!

I’m simply over to the moon to have been given the opportunity to support the race and even more thrilled to have been one of the humble runners who was honoured with a place in the race and took part. I loved all of it from the starting hooter and hills to the deafing cheers at the finish.

Monday morning on an early red eyed flight to London saw me still proudly wearing my Coop Balfron 10K medal!

With love and thanks from a very happy Balfron Runner – still training for 2008.

Mairi Clark
Mulberry Bush Montessori, Killearn

Mairi Clark

26 April 2007Thank You for a great race, it was a real challenge,and a good test of early season endurance.hope to see you next year regards GeorgeGeorge McHardy
Fishcross Alloa
Central Athletics
25 April 2007Great race – hardest run I have done in a while so a nice wake up call!! At least I will know next year what to expect.
The kids at the water stations were fantastic.Shirley Ann Duncan
Jogscotland Chryston
25 April 2007..What was brilliant was, undoubtedly, the absence of vehicles along the entire scenic route heading from Balfron Campus out towards Fintry and back. Term it “undulating” if you so wish, “almost entirely downhill for the first 5km,” is the way I would prefer to describe it. Oh, and you know what they say about what goes down . . .

My personal compliments must go out to the organisers for putting on a very professional and smooth-running premiere (bearing in mind that this was the first time this event was held). It very clearly epitomised the great vibrant community spirit with the locals gregariously offering much support to one-and-all: Many locals physically embraced this ‘get involved’ philosophy, and must surely be proud of earning their first-ever medal for running.

Participation in this running event is highly recommended, and I, for one, shall certainly be back. Even if it becomes only an excuse to head off to the likes of Loch Lomond, Stirling Castle or Aberfoyle for the remainder of the day.

Report Andew Fraser

25 April 2007Fantastic -challenging, hughely enjoyable & a well organised 10k which well and truly puts Balfron on the running circuit.  A 1st class 10k. A great route, scenic, warm welcome, motivating marshals, sound admin system and a brilliant informative website. Attention to detail paid to runners and spectators alike ensured everyone had an enjoyable day. Well done Balfron.

25 April 2007Fantastic event – the organisers should be proud. As a consistant occupier of the back of the field, it was a memorable sight watching the sea of people move into the distance, doing their best to ignore the cows and other wildlife.

Matthew Wheeler

25 April 2007yes really enjoyed it.  I think it was the ideal size of the race, along with the stunning location, and exceptionally hilly course which made it for me.  It was also very well organised and  very friendly.  Definitely doing it again next year!Deirdre Kelly
25 April 2007..this was a great race. Everyone I spoke to thought it was really well organised.

Alison McFarlane
Ps – see you next year (you need to do it again)

24 April 2007Great Race. Well thought out and planned in terms of organisation. Great atmosphere!

Neil Guthrie

24 April 2007I would like to say well done to the race organising committee and the people of Balfron for a well executed event.
This was not a race for Pb’s due to the Hills (I’m sure I passed a couple of Sherpas on the top of one)but if you want a good hard work out then this is the race for you!

David Pollard

24 April 2007Well done on organising such a fab run, one that will continue for many years I hope. I will hopefully be in the first 200 next year…..if I can just stay upright….and despite the hills, it would have been my personal best if I had….I have my goal now….thanks again for the best race so far.Di Stewart
24 April 2007I really wanted to pass on my sincere thanks and congratulations to you and all the parents on the organising committee. Your committment to this project was outstanding, and the race was so well organised. I spoke to runner after runner who commented on the really strong organisation, the challenging course, and the fantastic atmosphere. The day was one to remember and to be very proud of. The children involved were a real credit to us, and I am very proud of them all. The fun run was also very popular, and the idea that our children had running medals on the day of the Balfron 10k and the London Marathon really appealed!Ann

Ann McIntosh
Balfron Primary School
Moor Road

24 April 2007Good feedback was given by the Carnegie Harriers at the Balfron 10K.  I know the event if on again, will be forwarded for inclusion in Carnegie Harriers 2008 Road Running Grand Prix.

Ian Johnston.

April 23, 2007Who want’s to go to London anyway? In full: Quite incredible that this was the events first running. Fantastic turnout by a good mixture of ability and supported well by the locals, all in a good family friendly atmosphere. Perhaps an estate agent would be proud of ‘undulating’, but described as ‘hilly’, I may have chosen to watch London on the tv instead, and I would definately have missed out.
A credit to all involved.

23 April 2007Undulating my ****! A course with more up than down!! Beautiful though and I think we gave the cows a laugh. I was told this course was undulating. In my opinion it was bloody hilly. Is it possible on an out and back to have more ups than down? Beautiful scenery, despite the poor weather. Great organisation for a fist time event, though the man at beginning needed a loud speaker thing that we could actually hear. Cakes at end were brilliant as were the outspan oranges. Children from Primary school were unbelievable marshalls. Well done Balfron.

23 April 2007I ran in the 10km yesterday, and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the race – not least as I managed a personal best on the time, despite all those hills! I particularly wanted to mention the children and young people who were at the water stands, they were very encouraging, motivating and cheerful which was excellent and much-appreciated. I ran the (withheld) a few weeks ago, and the marshalls said nothing, stood shivering and were entirely uninspiring, total opposite to yours! My husband completed his first 10km, and we had a good time. Congratulations on an excellent race.We are organising our first 10km race with a 5km fun run taking place on May 19th this year. It is a flat, fast course, combination of road and canal. Registration and further info is on our
Fun Run 1.15pm (reg. by 12.45) £5 / £7
10K 2.00pm (reg. by 1.00) £6 / £8
Registration and changing at Leisuredrome, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow

Catriona Yates
Deafblind Scotland

23 April 2007Excellent race – for a first Balfron Race this was extremely well oragnised! Great value for money ( a very nice t shirt indeed – one i would actually wear!) and lots of help and sponsorship from the locals! Outspan Oranges were amazing and just what was needed after a very undulating course! Didn’t really notice all the “small” downhills on the way out only the big hill upwards towards the farm…on the way back in however it was a slightly different view! great race will be back next year – one flaw was the ahnd counted results which took a while a computer next year may help!!! Well done!

23 April 2007Practically perfect! Well done beautiful Balfron: a lesson in excellence! Well one to he good people of Balfron – a really welcoming race. Brilliantly organised, the only mini prob being the bottle-neck at the finish-line. But scarily near-perfect in every other respect. Great scenery helps too.

23 April 2007I had a great day and it was definitely worth the entry fee I’ll be recommending it to everyone for next year -if you can take that nice hill away at 8k then that would be great too ha ha!

Thanks again for organising such a great day!

Melanie Douglas.

22 April 2007Hugely enjoyable and very well organised, the Balfron 10k must rank as one of the toughest in the calendar. HILLS, HILLS and more HILLS just about describes it — got to be the toughest 10k I’ve ever run — but I loved the challenge.

22 April 2007Best organised 10k in Scotland – 1st Time organised of many! Challenging course on which unlikely to get a PB, but thoroughly well organised and really enjoyable. Cake stall at the end phenomenally good particularly the Whisky & Ginger Cake!! Great facilities at the School Campus, a real gem!

22 April 2007

I just wanted to drop you an Email to thank you for all the effort that was obviously put in by so many people to organising yesterday’s race.  Although the route was a bit tough I still enjoyed the race and can honestly say that it is the best 10K road race I have taken part in – and I have raced in quite a few!!  I brought 2 spectators for support and they thoroughly enjoyed the cakes and coffee at your café – they can’t wait for next year!!!  We had a very memorable day out and I think you should all be very proud with the way the race went.

Once again many thanks again for all your efforts, and I look forward to seeing you in 2008.

Best wishes.

Fiona Greer

22 April 2007Some great scenery but unfortunatley not a pb race. The overall experience was good, very easy and pleasing – definitely well organised! Defo worth the entrance fee and for all types. Would possibly do again but knowingly now as a training race – not for a new best time.

22 April 2007Would just like to say thanks for the event today. However there was no mention of the hills & pot holes, only joking we both really enjoyed it and will definately be there are your next event.

Alan Lindsay

22 April 2007Fantastic but hilly race! Loved this race even though the weather wasn’t on our side. Hills were hard though, after 7km it was basically uphill all the way. Better finish would help as I couldn’t cross the line at the end in a sprint, had to join a queue! Great race though, well done all the organisers.
22 April 2007Thank you for a great race today. It was a lovely course and the whole event was very well organised. great location-looking forward to next year.

Not at all! I really did enjoy it because it wasn’t your average flat 10km!

Great support from the locals too.

Thanks again


22 April 2007My sincere thanks to you all for a great, though hard, run.  Congratulations to everyone too for being so well organised, especially for a first time.  It was really brilliant.  The atmosphere was excellent too and everyone was great cheering us on and encouraging us – even the little ones!  The idea of a quarter orange to munch on at the end was fantastic, far better than a banana.  I must say when I heard that our numbers were to be collected on the day, I had visions of long disorganised queues with people scrambling to be helped, but no, it was great.  Even the safety pins were grouped together in fours!!!!  Once again many thanks to you  ALL for an extremely enjoyable run!   Here’s to the next one!

Ann (Bruce-Low)

17 April 2007Thanks for the race instructions, this is one of the best administration systems I have come across in 10 years of running.

yours in sport,
Ian R Johnston,
club captain Carnegie Harriers

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