Pupils cheque in with racers.

by Kaiya Marjoribanks

CHILDREN at Balfron’s primary and high schools were delighted this week to have extra large cheques presented to them thanks to the recent Co-operative Balfron 10k road race.

More than 450 runners took part in the village’s second 10k race in April, raising £5636.

Balfron Primary headteacher Ann McIntosh said: “We are absolutely thrilled for the children to receive this money and after early discussions with teachers and pupils we will plan what further resources to invest in, to ensure every child in the school benefits from this very generous donation.

“The Co-operative Balfron 10K was very much a community event and it reinforced Balfron Primary’s commitment to healthy living, exercise and well being.

“Our sincere thanks to everyone who ran, supported or organised the event and the business community sponsors who embraced the idea from its conception.”

Pupils from the primary school were able to run in their own races on the day, and the PE department from Balfron High School also organised a 4K race for their pupils.

Stuart McKay of Balfron High School PE department said: “That is a fantastic sum of money to have raised and we greatly appreciate the donation the 10K is making to the school.

“We are currently considering various plans to invest the money in additional outdoor activity equipment. Thank you to all those who made it possible.”

Colin Mendham, chairman of the organising committee, said: “We are so pleased to hand over these cheques to Balfron Primary and High Schools.

“The second Co-operative Balfron 10K was a huge success and we were delighted to have so many runners take part in the road race and so many spectators support the event.

“Comments from runners, from all over the country, on our website have been fantastic and feedback on the improvements we made from last year were well received.

“It is pleasing to see pupils benefit from the road race and I’m sure the 2009 race will be an even bigger success.

“I would like to say a special thank you to the Co-operative, and our other sponsors, and all the volunteer helpers, without whom the event would not have been possible.”

Pictured are Balfron 10K race director Colin Mendham, Balfron Primary headteacher Ann McIntosh, Balfron High principle teacher PE Stuart MacKay, Balfron high headteacher Val Corry and Balfron Co-operative store manager Peter Stevens with pupils.

Stirling Observer