And the winner is……….. Balfron Primary School

The children of Balfron Primary School were rather delighted this week to have an extra large cheque presented to them from the funds raised from the recent Co-op Balfron 10k road race.  Over 600 runners took part in the village’s first ever 10k road race in April, with the amount raised totalling an amazing £8,454.16

Ann McIntosh, Head teacher said, ”We are absolutely thrilled for the children to receive this money and it is our intention to initially buy outdoor playground equipment. After early discussions with teachers, pupils and parents, it is suggested that we will meet to plan what further resources and activities to invest in, to ensure every child in the school benefits from this very generous donation.” She added, “The Co-op Balfron 10K was very much a community event and it reinforced Balfron Primary’s commitment to healthy living, exercise and well being. What started out as a general fundraising idea snowballed into a spectacular event and memorable day for Balfron. Our sincere thanks to the organisers, everyone who ran the 10k, all those who supported the event and the business community sponsors who embraced the idea from its conception.”

Colin Mendham, the Chairman of the organising committee commented, “We are so pleased to hand over this cheque to Balfron Primary School. The Co-op Balfron 10k was a huge success and we were elated to have so many runners take part in the road race and so many spectators support the event. Comments from runners, from all over the country, on our website have been fantastic ( and we will definitely be organising another for 2008. If anyone wishes to be kept informed about the 2008 Balfron 10k, you can do so through the web site and follow the links to the mailing list. Colin added “ It is very pleasing to see the children of Balfron Primary benefit from the Co-op Balfron 10k road race. I’m sure the race will prove to be a successful annual event.